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Brazilian Waters - Toilet Cleaning Fizz Powder


Brazilian Waters - This fresh ozonic blend combines top notes of bergamot, lemon, lime, and mandarin with green leafy notes, rose, geranium and clove supported by a base of light musk and sandalwood, evoking a fresh and breezy day in idyllic surroundings by the sea.

Our Toilet Cleaning Powder is one of our favourites as it makes the task of cleaning the toilet a bit more fun. They are a great way to absorb unwanted odours and help keep the toilet cleaner and refreshed all at the same time.

Use: Simply Sprinkle a small amount of toilet fizz powder into the toilet bowl, Leave it for a few minutes then give it a scrub and see the cleaning powder fizz and bubble leaving your toilet fresh, clean and sparkling. 


150g Sample Bag or 500g Bag

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