Aroma DesireCreations

Drawers/ Display Scandi Low


Simple, sophisticated and sturdy-there is everything great going for this tiny storage cabinet. Could make a huge difference to the way you utilize your space which in most modern homes is about space management. The chic styling along with adequate storage space aligns to your need to keep all your delicate little trinkets and keepsakes in safe spaces and this little table tops organizer will give you just that all important option.

It's a delightful little storage space that open up two drawers and one larger cabinet for keeping all your little treasures and while at work it will sit amidst all your other table top articles creating far more space than the amount of space it takes up. The two drawers open smoothly and the larger cabinet has a single shelf. Store your little keepsakes or memorabilia or little treasures that are invaluable. The sturdy little piece is most attractive and imitates a storage cabinet in every possible detail. It has a length if 30 cm and height of 21 cm making it pert and compact and yet manages to give you just the right amounts of storage space.

Material: MDF, Glass
Size: 30x14x21cm

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