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Sign Happiness


People often say that happiness is a free gift of nature that one has to consciously work towards enjoying every waking day. This decorative sign emphasises this opinion with its philosophically reflective saying which is complemented by its thoughtfully decorative appearance. It is made of wood and twine.

This ingeniously crafted wooden sign gives a philosophical insight into the nature and source of happiness which it traces to the home. The sign reads "HAPPINESS IS homemade". It identifies the home where one comes from as being the pivotal point of one's happiness. This positive attribute given to the home is why this Sign Happiness would be a suitable decorative to have in the home by placing it in strategic points around the house such as in the living room and dining area. It would engender strong family bond. Apart from its pragmatically useful statement, its rustic appeal which is achieved by its choice of wood & twine material, its white and brown palette, crafted spoon and intricate horizontal floral pattern punctuated by the symbol of love.

Material: Wood
Size: 10x3x15cm

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