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Sign Playroom


We've got something colourful and charming for kids! The Sign Playroom décor sign is truly an ornamental fixture made aesthetically appealing due to its lustrous iridescence, shapely wooden board and wordings in stylish fonts. The flat board, letters and frame are made using 100% natural wood and Medium-Density Fibreboard.

Kids love things that are colourful, visually bold and splashy; these are the exact attribute of this adorable Sign Playroom. It features a décor sign with a flat wooden board which is then framed by Medium-Density Fibreboards. On the flat wooden board is the word "PLAYROOM" which is spelt in flashy colours of red, orange, green, pine-green, Carolina-blue, steel-blue, and navy blue. Beneath this word of announcement are the instructions given to kids telling them to "BE NICE, SHARE, GIVE HUGS". All of the letters are spelt using crafted wooden. It would be particularly useful in schools particularly for preschool or kindergarten pupils. It can be placed on the door to the class, on the walls of the class or simply allowed to dangle free.

Material: MDF, Wood
Size: 60x4x26cm

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