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Sign Season Love


This ornamental Sign Season Love is a rustic sign décor with a garnished design and positively instructive message for your customers. It is made of premium quality wood in a shape like a directional arrow facing up. It is then further adorned with a look of rustic by tying twine rope on the upper part of the wooden sign while on the body are white hued designs and stylish font words.

The Sign Season Love has a total height of 15 centimetres which means it doesn't require much space for use in homes, shops and even offices. On the surface of this natural wood made sign is the white painted design of a very long spoon while the top of the wooden slab is tied with twine. Beside this white painted spoon is a positive, instructive message to your customers and everyone else who sees it that they should "Season EVERYTHING with love". This will make a beautiful family sign to have on display in the bedroom wall.

Material: Wood
Size: 10x3x15cm

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