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Sports Recovery - Magnesium Oil Spray 125ml


Our Sports Recovery magnesium oil is perfect to speed up the process by relieving any muscle or joint pain and stress. You can use it pre-workout to warm up your muscles and post-workout to help with recovery.

Our Magnesium Oil is highly concentrated and 100% Natural for the best results. The oil can be used all over the body or into targeted areas by massaging it gentle onto the skin.

Magnesium Oil may help:

- Boost Strength and Endurance.
- Improve Blood Circulation.
- Relieve Stress and Headaches.
- Ease Sore Joints and Muscles.
- Relieve Arthritis and Joint Pain.
- Reduce Cramps.
- Ease Sore heavy Legs.
- Reduce Sleeplessness.
- Reduce Restless Legs.
- Ease Back and Neck Pain.

Use: Simply spray 5-10 pumps on your stomach or affected area of pain and rub in for optimal absorption. You may rinse off after 20 minutes if you please. 

*Like everything It is advised that you perform a patch test prior to use. If irritation occurs wash off with water.

Size: 125ml

Magnesium chloride, Purified water, Polysorbate 20,Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Cajeput, Peppermint,Wintergreen Essential Oils.

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